This time, I got on the C – HR. This car of the same class as Vezel and CX – 3 is compact but has a style with cutting edge.

Compared to the cars of Honda and Mazda I introduced, the silhouette stands out as it was the most late generation.

This time, I got on “S” of 1.8L + hybrid motor all day, We will explain the appearance of exterior, interior, child seats attached, and driving impression.

Exterior of C-HR (exterior)


Distinctive features of a massive body with protruded fender

The C – HR is characterized by a massive body on both the front spoiler and the rear spoiler.


Because it firmly protrudes, there is such a full impact that I can not imagine from a compact car.

On the other hand, around the rear, shape of the corners stand out. Especially the tail lamp.


In recent cars, I think that there are many flowing bodies that will be streamlined, the model that the tail lamp is passing out from the body is very few.

It is the head light projector of the C – HR this time and the position light of the LED. In the high grade, there is also a type of headlight that turns on a blinker like a night rider, but S is different.

S has a headlight combining a projector and three LED positions, there is a turn signal on the other side of the LED position. (Can you see there is a bit orange?)


I wrote a little about the rear, but the tail light of C – HR is distinctive. It is little bit hard to recognize, but the rear spoiler part has an LED stop light.


This is the situation of lighting the headlight. Because it is a halogen light, it is shining orange.


This is the situation of lighting the position light. All three LED lights are shining. The unique white light of the LED is beautiful.


Not only parenting generation, I’d like to attach “smart entry” as an option for any generation.

Even if you give up other options, it is better to put on this smart entry, I strongly recommend you this option.

When you put your hand on the door knob, you can unlock it and when you touch the slit part of door handle, you can lock it so it will be easier to operate even if your key is in a bag.


Compact cars of this class often has unique rear door handle. Such a deformed door handle is somehow an image of Alfa Romeo.

In the case of C-HR, there is a door handle at a considerably high position.


When I actually measured this door handle, it was as high as 130 cm.

It is kind of hard to handle, so it might be tough for children.


C-HR interior (interior)


Driver’s seat with full of cockpit

You can understand well by seeing the above picture, all the instruments are facing this side and this create very sporty atmosphere. Just like cockpit.

Meters are also in the shape that the meter ring is pushing out, and almost can not be seen from the passenger side. Even in that sense, the image “pilot seat” is perfect.


Switches at the back of the driver’s seat are here. Engine starter, headlight level adjustment, opening and closing fuel filler, etc are consolidated.


A little interesting point , ETC. It places quite under the driver’s seat. There is a danger of theft if the ETC card is in a place that can be seen from the outside, and it is very good to be placed in such a difficult position to see.


ere is around the center console. This is fundamental for sporty atmosphere, shift knob cover. The metal shift knob is cool. It is hidden behind the back, but the shift switch is on the back side.


C-HR adopts electric type side brake same as Velfire etc. The electric side brake is automatically applied when it is put in the P range.

To cancel, press the P button while pressing the brake (pull it in the drive mode).  In addition to this the brake hold and EV mode buttons are also consolidated in the center console.

The center console box is here. The capacity is relatively large. I wonder if 500 ml plastic bottle stands? It was as deep as I thought, but I could not close the cover.


Room light is V shaped. Also the buttons are arranged in parallelograms, finished in a stylish manner.


Car navigation system is facing toward driver’s seat and air conditioning switch are here. The glossy panel is beautiful. Switches are symmetry, it is a pleasant arrangement to see.


This is the panel, when the engine is turning on. The temperature of the air conditioner and the red, blue operating arrow are blacked out when the engine is off, but it will show up, when the engine is on.


The upper and lower operation switches have moderate weight, there is rich bulky feeling with dull metal. Looking at the ceiling, the design is provided. It is very unique.


360 ° view of driver’s seat

All around photos from the driver seat are here. I think you can get some image by view of rotation.

C-HR 運転席 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA



Passenger and rear seats have some stressful point.

As for the passenger side, there is neither good nor bad, all the meters including the car navigation system are facing toward the driver so we cannot get much information like map information.

However, the line from the center console is beautiful and the texture is high quality.


The side pocket is equipped with a drink holder and a small pocket. The rear seat is small. Originally, it uses Vitz’s frame, so it’s not very big.


I found out by riding the C – HR, I think that this car is the car for the driver.



360 ° view of passenger and rear seat

The 360 ​​° view of the passenger seat and the back seat is here. Please see it as a reference.

Next, it is the Omnidirectional image of the back seat.

Post from RICOH THETA. – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA



C-HR 後部座席 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA



The luggage seems smaller for the automobile rank

We will look at the luggage of C-HR. Since C – HR has a height, it looks big, but it is actually not really big. The picture below is putting a shopping basket in the luggage.


If it is about shopping basket, there is no problem at all, but it become a golf club size, it will be difficult.

To begin with, the golf club itself can not be stored in the luggage sideways and it is necessary to remove the panel for the golf club.


If it is a usual way to use it as a luggage, it may not be very useful, but by pulling down the back row seat, the storage capacity will be significantly improved.

The picture below shows a stroller, a golf club and a Japanese Futon for nap stored.


If you pull down the back row seat, the storage capacity will increase, but only few people can ride. This is a difficult part.


This is scene that the child seat is attached to the front seat.

Each image is shown as the seat that is shifted to the front most and the back most.

It is approximately 9 cm when the seat is shifted to the front most. It is very small space.


Next is the back seat. This is comparison of seat shifted to front most and back most.

There is room to compare with the front seat, so if you install a child seat, there will be more room in the rear seat.


For reference, see how you installed a child seat for a 1 year old child.

This child seat is closer to the front seat because the feet part of child seat are protruding.


You can set the child seat by one touch operation, ISOFIX here. It is installed two places in rear seats.


Measurement result of floor height

The floor height of C – HR is 41 cm. For a 3-year-old child, getting on and off was a little hard (35 cm is appropriate).


Thoughts/Impression of C-HR

Good point/advantage of C-HR

Highly rigid body

It feels from the moment when you get on C-HR and close the door, the door has a strong sense of tightness and the door is solid, you can taste the feeling of a car of high rigidity.

Especially the door of the front seat is made very heavy, I think that there is a point to be satisfied if you like cars, just by feeling when you closed the door.


Space where you can enjoy music

C – HR has high rigidity, and the inside feeling of airtight is high. Because it has excellent sound insulation, you can enjoy music.

It is written in the article of ALL About(Japanese Magazine), it is said that there is a tendency that the higher the rigidity of the car is, the better the music space in the car tends to be, and I also feel that way too.
In the compact SUV class, the C – HR seems to be a car that is easy to create a space where you can enjoy music, as it has rigidity feeling.

Because it is a car with excellent design, it may be possible to differentiate further by paying a lot of attention to something out of sight like turning of sound.


You will be satisfied more with aero parts options.

I wrote in exterior part, C-HR has a muscular body. Especially the shape around the fender feels strong.


Even full normal, it is cool, you can make it even more mauscular with Modorista, TRD Aero (TOYOTA Official Site)

Since C – HR is a popular model, a lot of exteriors are prepared. Because it is a popular car model, you can choose a lot of aero parts.

It might be a good idea to try to make a difference by aero so that it will not be same with other people.


Good for fuel efficiency with a 1.8 L hybrid

This time, I got on all day, but I was able to drive only less than 40km, it was not so long distance but with the full tank method, the fuel consumption reached 35 km / L.


It may have put in a lot last time I fill it up, but it’s still happy miscalculation.

I supposed to ride more and measure the actual fuel consumption but it is another opprtunity.


Bad point / disadvantages of C-HR

It is slow to start than I expected.

It was a bit disappointing that, for a sporty style, it is slow to start. Since it is SUV and there is considerable weight of the car. It may be a bit tough for a 1.8 L hybrid.


I felt deflated, because Prius which is same 1.8L hybrid model have an excellent acceleration.

Besides the hybrid model, the C-HR also has a 1.2 L turbo, so why not try that. It is about the ability of the small turbo like Volkswagen.


The rear seats are narrow and unpopular from my wife

My wife has rode my old model, but it was the most unpopular in the C – HR because the rear seat is narrow.


It cannot be helped because it is a car that targets people who enjoy cars rather than parenting generations.

On the other hand the driver’s seat is a moderately narrow car with a strong sense of “cockpit” and can enjoy driving. It is a part which becomes a trade-off in a certain sense, it is a point that cannot be helped.


With two children, the luggage is short of capacity

I mentioned about luggage space before, but luggage space for this car is obviously not enough for parenting generations.


In addition to strollers and mothers bags, as children grow up, there is the possibility of buying wagon cargo and outdoor equipment. I might even buy camping equipment. When that happens clearly I feel capacity shortage.

As it is, you even cannot put the golf bag sideways, so you can easily imagine it is hard to put long ones.(fishing rods may be difficult as well).

You might need to think about another car, the a child grow up.


Fuel consumption by the full tank method is 35 km / L. However,

We ran 36.8 km this time, and we did 1.04 L as refueling. As actual fuel consumption, it was 35 km / L. As the catalog value is 30.2 km / L, it is very good value.


However, since there is a high possibility that fuel is contained in a large amount, if I have a chance to drive next time, I would like to do a long distance verification. Gasoline, of course, was regular.


Summary of review · impression on Toyota · C-HR

I verify about C-HR by riding it, but I got a little dry comment. However, this impression is an impression from the viewpoint of a father who raises children.

For driving pleasure and for the cars of driver, there are a lot of satisfying points such as the instruments are facing toward driver’s seat, the body with high rigidity and so on. Design is also excellent, so it’s cool.

If you have children, it may be a good idea to choose Harrier with hybrid instead of C-HR with the same SUV from the viewpoint of future storage capacity.


Supplement:Spec of C-HR

New car sales price 2,650,000 yen (rounded less than10,000 yen)
Vehicle weight 1440kg
Engine type
Maximum output(motor)
Maximum torque(motor)
2ZR-FXE(in-line 4 cylinder)
Tire size front:215/60 R17
rear:215/60 R17
JC 08 mode fuel consumption 30.2km/L
Fuel-free lead regular gasoline