This time, I got on Toyota’s hydrogen car “MIRAI”. It is hard to find fuel cars even in the town I am very exciting.

I was very impressed that interior of MIRAI is like a premium car, but the acceleration is amazing power(torque) and it is very unique and interesting car.

This time, I drove also winding thus I also introduce the impression include it.

Exterior of MIRAI


Exterior (Styling and form)

MIRAI seems like a Prius. Especially the light are lined up slide by slide is very similar to Prius PHV.


However the front bumper is very different. A large opening , for now. it is styling like Velfire or Boxy glow.


While ago, the idea is totally different, it makes me imagine the front opening Lancer Evolution.It is a duct which cools intercooler.


Turning to the back, you can see the difference clearly with Prius. Prius is hatchback, but MIRAI is a sedan type.


MIRAI is a sedan structure. Therefore, the rear glass is one slide.

MIRAI is made harder to collapse for the accident, and maybe for the reason the structure is a sedan instead of hatchback. ( My opinion).


Light is splitting both front and back and it makes you feel Toyota put power on it.

The tail light is not one piece and it is divided into two.

The following is the picture of taillight and it is very beautiful that joint is invisible in the positon light.


Same with C-HR that I tried last time, the joint of the light looks beautiful makes me feel the technology is advancing.

I have an experience of the research about this part, so I have some thought.


Next, here is the condition of the lighting headlights. Outside of Two light of the four headlights usually light up.


And there is a LED position light on the side of the bottom opening (beside winker).


Here is the picture of the night. Four light is very cool. Personally, I like many eyes like Honda Legend.

Move headlight to high, it will also light up inside.


The condition for opening all the door.

Here is the picture of opening all the door from side. This is 7 million Luxury car, but the opening the rear door is not so big.


Moreover the opening of front door is large. This does not mean the back seat is not good, rather the back seat is more comfortable than the front seat.

It is only a comparison of getting on and off.


Interior of MIRAI

Driver’s seat does not make you feel special even though it is a hydrogen car.First, it is a driver’s seat.


Here is the handle of MIRAI. Because it is a luxury car, many people think the handle is wood combination, but it is a normal leather handle.

Switches are the same as ordinary one. The bottom of the handle is carbon style (maybe it is a real carbon), thus it is stylish.

Handle made by plastic make me thin C-HR.


Here is the picture by zoom out. Because engines off and hard to see, but the meter is on the dashboard. Same style with Prius.


Engine start with the push button on the back of the handle. Other switches are gathered.


The door side is here. I think the door is costly. The pats around switches are carbon and the door handle area is made of different parts.


Also look closely the bottom side, there is also a memory button for seat positon. Repair cost will be high if the right side break due to accident.


Pedals are hanging type. Recent Toyota cars are electronic sidebar style such as Velfire, C – HR, Camry, but MIRAI is a foot pedal.


MIRAI ‘s feature, a center console. First of all, here is zoom out picture.


It is hard to express by words, but it is just simply the sense of unity is amazing!

The connection from center console to the back seats is also beautiful, but the plating parts extending from the passenger seats are also very beautiful.

Here is the center console picture when car starts. It can be controlled with large screen LCD.


All buttons are touch panel, but it is like iphone that you have to push a little harder.

I felt it was designed to avoid malfunction because it is easy to touch wrong place around center console.


Center console become cooler at night.

Sorry the picture is blurred, but center console light blue close to white thus it becomes more suspicious. (I like shiny stuff and it makes me exciting)


Next, the center drink pocket. This is also made with carbon.


As you open, drink holder appears and t is not a regular drink pocket, but it is hanging type.


Moreover, a storage box is settled at center. It looks like a normal box, but actually “Qi” is installed.


It is very convenient for a cell phone with a wires charger like iPhoneX that you can charge only to place it.


Here is 360 ° view of MIRAI. Please check.

MIRAI 運転席 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA


Premium back seat with seat heater.

Next is the back seat. ( Sorry that there is no whole image picture). MIRAI is car for four people and console is set at center.


Open the console, there is storage.A little hard to see, but there is also heater seat switch.


In addition, there is also a gimmick that a drink pocket jump up from the console.


In fact, I felt the space is very comfortable when I sit the back seat.

We are comparing from the beginning that MIRAI is very similar car form with Prius, but actually it is totally different.

Car rate is big, it is getting wide. Because it is FF(front wheel drive), the back seat is wide.

Here is 360 view of the back seat.

MIRAI 後部座席 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA


A big trunk room than I expected.

driving hydrogen car, the point I personally I most worried was the trunk room.

The reason is in case of hydrogen there are many cases that the trunk room is very small due to the battery. (although it is not much recently).

Here is the picture of the condition of the trunk room of MIRAI with gold bag.
Even lay the golf bag, there is still space. Also the depth is big.


Here is the picture also put a stroller.


You can see obviously that there is extra space. As sedan, this size is like Camry, Crown class.

Surprisingly, there is an AC 100V power supply at the trunk room.


I am not sure why there is a power charger at the trunk, but it is useful during a disaster.


Even MIRAI, the electric ley is same with others.

The electronic key is no difference from normal one. It is a remote lock and opening and closing of the trunk.


You can take out the key from the reverse side. They key is for dashboard. This is also usual.


However the key is made as high quality. I can feel it is costly because it is a combination of silver parts on the side and the gloss plastic of the button part.


Driving performance, Drive feeling

High quality of motor, torque feeling not to be defeated by 1850 kg car weight


You will be surprised with MIRAI’s power when you ride on MIRAI at first time. There is surprising power.

Originally MIRAI has a body weight of 1850 kg.

originally, the weight of MIRAI is 1850 kg. It could not be avoid to make a tough design to protect hydrogen tank from accident.

I knew this before riding MIRAI, I did not expect an acceleration, but in good meaning it betray me.


This time, I also drive winding road, it climb speedy even car weight is heavy.

For gasoline engines, the power starts a quadratic curve, but in the case of MIRAI, image is like torque comes out from the low speed and accelerate.

Camry is the most close one in recent hybrid car I know.Power comes out more as much as you step .


More strong “POWER MODE”

MIRAI has much power even with normal mode, if turning on the power mode switch, acceleration become more powerful. (switch of right side of photo).


It can be said as “Scary acceleration.

High power turbo car like Impreza and Lancer evolution accelerate seriously, it will not go forward by G(gravity).

This is close to the situation that G(gravity) is different when accelerates linearly from low speed.

Some people may become addictive.


Check Driving performance

I wrote a long thing about power, but the ride comfort is also outstanding. I can understand why it costs 7 million yen.

This time, I drove not only normal road, but drive way of Hiei Mt. ,following drive way of Okuhi about 20 km and an expressway.


Driving performance of winding : design that is not affected by weight

Because the car body is heavy, I feel the weight when turning the curve, but it is not a bad feeling.

I feel the suspension is set well even it is heavy. When driving a curve, even there is feeling to pull to front due to the power and FF.


The point I was worried for diving winding by 1850 kg MIRAI is engine brake for going down.

With a motor car, change shift to “B”, engine brake will work.(operate with the shift knob which upper right of the photo, same with Prius).


As a result, the emblem is effective firmly so you can drive safely on the downhill slope.

I could not take a picture that I was driving, but engine brake is charged because regenerative brake is also used for the engine brake.

Because MIRAI with large battery capacity, the recovery of electricity by regenerative braking on the descending slope is efficient.

The feeling of picking up the unevenness of the ground during driving is as image of Camel, but not as Crown level.


Still, the rigidity of the door is high and the sound insulation is also high so there is nothing worry about.


Driving performance on an expressway : a linear acceleration by a high response

Due to the enough power of MIRAI, it was easy to join the expressway.It would be easier if it was power mode.

High response performance is very attractive that you can overtake when you want because of the linear acceleration of motor.

Easy to speed up from low speed and it is a scary part, but if you get used to it, it will be comfortable to drive because it accelerate as much as you step in.

Sound insulation is high, inside only can hear sound of motor

Because sound insulation is high, you cannot hear outside sound while driving, but it is not completely silent.

You still can hear motor sound.


If you have a hybrid car then you know that “you hear “Hyune” sound hear you accelerate.

Maybe you worry at the beginning, but that is the only sound you will hear inside and it will be no problem once you start to drive.


The center console is advanced and it is a smartphone

In MIRAI interior items, I briefly touched on the center console, but it is advanced and receives the impression like a smartphone.


Although it does not feel attractive to the part itself like a smartphone, it is impressive that it can be operated intuitively because it is made into a touch panel rather than it.

There is nothing that bad responses of switches are common in Japanese appliances.

The liquid crystal display of the center is visible without any problem even if it hits sunlight, and it is easy to retrieve information on a big screen


Try placing a child seat

I do not think that MIRAI is a car that is nice for parenting but I put it firmly this time and tried it.

First of all, it is here that you put a child seat on the front seat (the seat is the most behind). There is considerable leeway.


I tried shifting the seat to the front. Still it is an impression that I can afford to surprise.


When measuring the distance to the dashboard, it is about 9 cm. There is no margin other than the appearance.


Here is a state that a child seat is put on the back seat. If you push the front row seat forward, you can get a good distance. It is almost impossible for a child to hit a foot.


Even if you brought the seat to the back, the distance to the front seat is firmly empty.


This picture may be the most clear picture of the size of MIRAI.

Subsequently, for babies. Of course we can afford it, too.


Even luxury cars are equipped with ISO FIX (isofix) as well. People with many child seat removal are here.


Furthermore, we actually measured the floor height to see if children and senior citizens can get on and off easily.


It is 39 cm in actual measurement. If there is only this, the child getting on and off is a bit tough, is not it (3 years old up to ~ 35 cm is the limit).

I think that it is a car close to business rather than parenting, so this neighborhood is a reference degree number.


The actual fuel consumption

This time, I drove total 50 km . (of which the winding is 20 km).


Average fuel consumption was “80.2 km / kg”. Because it is hydrogen, cannot to express by the kg )

I paid about 900 yen for hydrogen, thus the unit price per kilo was 18 yen. If it is a Prius, it runs about 24 km with 1 liter, so it is about 6 yen per litter as 140 yen / L.

It is not cheap. It may become cheaper if hydrogen car become popular.


FCV car, MIRAI 1 day test drive impression • review Summary

This time I drove FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle) “MIRAI” released by Toyota all day.
The first impression I drove is honestly I quite want this car.

There are many reasons and the first one is acceleration feeling. You only can feel the unique acceleration with hydrogen car, not with gasoline or hybrid car.

The accelerate feeling from low speed to high speed, it is awesome and you will be addictive.

I felt that not only the eco’s view point that only the “water” is discharged but also the car performance should be noted.

It was a very fun car. Thank you very much.

Reference: Specs of MIRAI

The specs of MIRAI which drive all day this time.

New car sales price 7.24 million yen (rounded less than 10,000 yen)
Vehicle weight 1850kg
FC stack
Tire size Front
215/55 R17
215/55 R17
Maximum horsepower 155PS
Maximum torque 34.2kgf・m
燃Fuel hydrogen