This time, I will introduce a review of driving a “Prius” all day, which is very popular hybrid car in Japan

This is personal opinion, but actually I did not like the previous model of “Prius”. (Cheap and cannot feel much power)

Moreover, there is unfortunate news by Toyo Economy that “Prius” was taken the 1st position quickly by Note.
(In the new car sales ranking in 2017, Prius was sold 1,600,000 cars and become No.1)

However, the thinking was totally changed with riding the current model of “Prius” (DAA-ZVW50). This is wonderful!

The following is reporting the detail of advantage and disadvantage about power, how useful, condition with setting child seat etc.


Exterior of “Prius”

Edge light design

The current 4th Prius, who made a full model change three times, has become a very sharp style compared to the previous generation.

Especially the eye (light). The corner of the light is very sharp and compared with previous generations, the edge is stand out.


Also taillight has been greatly changed, it become long in the height direction. Many these shapes came out with LED taillight.

Complex design is very fancy and cool. Though it seems to be hard to make.


Unchanged 「Hybrid SYNEGY DRIVE」

The logo of “HYBRID SYNEGY DRIVE” is pronominal of “Prius2. This long is unchanged since the second generations.

Hybrid, no one imagine that Hybrid become this popular , but today Hybrid car is increasing more and more besides “Prius”.


Other than this emblem, headlight shine blue to become shadow of Toyota logo is also pronominal of Hybrid.


Interior of “Prius”

Interior become more like a sedan.

The interior of 4th Prius is very simple. Up to the second generation, Prius was advanced interior because it was the only car with Hybrid, but from their generation, the image was greatly changed to a sedan like.

At the time, the sales price was competing with Insight by Honda.

Here is fourth generation meter. Digital meter is unchanged, but it becoming high definition every time when it is improved.


Various information is displayed on the meter panel. Especially score was surprised. It will estimate how you did eco drive.


Most of the hybrid car can be collect firm information of fuel efficiency. Of course, “Prius” is same.

“Prius” is 1.8L hybrid car, but very fuel efficient and you can feel good to see the fuel efficiency on the meter panel.


Next, the window control panel beside the driver’s seat and door mirror adjustment panel.

Recent Toyota’s car are almost installed with mirror control panel on the door.


Here is car navigation area. It also come with air conditioning panel. Unfortunately it is a plastic, it looks a little cheap.


The engine start button is under right side of the driver’s seat. It is reflected by light and hard to see, but left side button is engine start button. There are other light adjustment system.


There is space to put parking ticket at the upper part of the driver’s seat. There is no band instead.


Next, here is center console. You can see shift knobs unique to “Prius”. Together, there is drink holder and a concave like tray.


A cigar lighter socket is installed around the elbow rest of the center console.


Here is the condition for opened the center console. There are removable shallow tray and deep storage inside.


Here is the storage for the front passenger’s seat. You can store small stuff into this space.


Sedan has plenty of space for back seats

The back seats of sedan has extra room. “Prius” is FF, but unfortunately the center part is raised but it is acceptable.


It is hard to find, but there is drink holder at door pockets, and if you reclining arm rest , there is also drink holder.


The front is normal, but the view of back mirror is good.

It seems like a sedan , but it is clear. It is neither good nor bad. The best point is back mirror.

As you can see from the picture, “Prius” use glass for tail thus you can get many information from the mirror.


The bottom spoiler is also glass. Until I drive “Prius”, it seemed hard to see the back view due to this spoiler, but not at all.

It was very clear view and I was very surprised.


Settle Child seat (only front seat only)

In this report, with some reason, I only settled child seat at front seat.

First here is the situation when slid the seat to the back completely.There is quite big space.


Next, shift the seat to forward. Still has a bid space.


At the back seat, of course there is ISOFIX(which stop the seat) . It must be installed since 2012 in Japan.


Wide and highly practical trunk.

One merit of “Prius” is the big trunk. This 50 series Prius is also quite wide.

Here is the condition that I put electronic vacuum cleaner. You can feel this trunk is very big.


The careful point to use this trunk is the depth is a littler narrower,The Prius’ electric key is very normal.

The PRIUS electronic key is not much different from the general key.

Since there is no power slide, it use only for on / off switch of the door. The key of the dashboard is stored.


Engine room of “Prius”.

Here is Engine room.


Impression of 50 series “Prius” (ride feeling and controllability etc.)


Good point・Merit

Good fuel economy.

This time I did not refuel gasoline, but the meter measured the fuel consumption over 25km/L. It can be said that this is the real power of hybrid car.

Prius’ weight is between around 1.3 ton 1.5 ton and not light, but it is surprised that the furl consumption shows 25 km/L.


Good understanding and powerful, easy to drive.

New model and old model of “Prius” is also max torque is 14.5 kgm. On the other hand, the max torque of motor is 16.6 kgm for the new model and 21.1 kg, for the old model, in fact this new model is lower as the max torque.

The car weight is different only 10kg, it means the performance of new model is getting lower.

However, there was more power than I expected to actually drive, and acceleration was perfect. This is subjectively evaluation that driving will be much easier with this power.

Trunk room is wide and happy for child generation.

In the past, trunk room was small due to carry a big battery, but current hybrid car is considered with position of the batter,

the trunk room never small. This fourth generation “Prius” also come with wide trunk.

If you got out with child, you need mother’s bag and baby food, if you go to park then you also need outdoor equipment,

The wider trunk room is very useful for child generation and this is sure that Prius will be the best one.


The hybrid car become “Normal”.

This Prius is the fourth generation and because not only “Prius”, but also many of hybrid car has been circulated in general, including interior of “Prius”has become “Normal” in good meaning (in also can be said Universal design)

Only the difference is shift lever for a hybrid.

Due to the hybrid become normal, I felt the usability for people to use become high including the meter and the operation panel.


Demerit・Bad point


Excellent too exceptional

I thought about riding the Prius this time, but I frankly did not feel much disadvantage as disadvantage.

There is power and rear seats are also wide so wide, the trunk room is also a wider design than the general sedan, so it is getting better for parenting generations as well.

In addition, fuel efficiency is also good, so clearly speaking there is no weak point.

Even so, if you give it a bad point, it is an exterior where your liking will break up.


Especially, since the edge of the front light is in a style with edges, some people will not accept shapes depending on the person (I said that my wife was not good as well).

But if you dare to disadvantage it is about that.


Opinion and impression that I drove the “Prius”

Not only was it well organized as a sedan, it is more powerful than expected and useful car., that is fourth generation “Prius”.

I totally can understand why this car is popular.

The best part I like is “eyes”. Some people will say not good, but personally Prius is s dedicated hybrid car and it is good to have this unique special design