This time, I got on a very popular “Sienta” (by Toyota) as a compact wagon car that seven people can ride.

As you can know from emblem, this is a hybrid car. As hybrid car might be expected , the fuel efficiency is excellent.

This car has a great merit that seven people riding, a wagon ,sliding door and fuel economy for parent generation and easy to be one of option.

This time, I will explain impression of Sienta mainly not only exterior and interior, but also how it is fitted with child seat and how wide the trunk is.

Exterior of “Sienta”


Compact minivan with impact two tone

From way back, there are many kinds of this class minivans , such as Fried, Spade, Porte.

Previous model of “Sienta” was round style and no sharp part, but this time the concept was drastically changed with impressive two tone color and strong fishing eyes.


This time, the one I got on was White. Because the concept color of “Sienta” is yellow (and it is close to a pastel style), it has more impact.

Sometimes you even can see in the city, Blue is also impressive color. The back view is here.

Although it is rounded style, but there are two tone and black is contains to the rear spoiler, it gives a tightened impression.


Many options of two tone can be found at Toyota’s official web site. No need to be black, but you can chose different pattern color of garnish and by choosing a fade color other than the main color, it can be more unique and your own style.


Shape of fish eyes in front and also back.

The headlights of “Sienta” which got on this time is projector has two eyes. Combination of a round and a square projector.

It is popular that combination of round and round, square and square (ex, Fit by Honda), but this round and square combination is rare.

The shape of plating part in the light is deep and fashionable.


Tail light is a combination of red and clear. This is also a distinctive shape and if you see this at night, you can soon realize this is “Sienta”

Not only front parts but also back part looks like the eyes.


Turn on the headlight, you will feel the Beauty of shaping.Here is a picture with headlight on and position lamp on.

With the position light on, the shape that rounds and surrounds the light is beautiful.If it is beautiful in this class, it will make you feel how Toyota put power on headlight .


Tail lights is here. It is a beautiful tail light that surrounds as a head light position lamp


Interior of “Sienta”


High controllability handle and simple driver’s seat, bur easy to take out information

The most recommend part of driver’s seat(cockpit) is Handle.

It is hard to understand from the picture, the handle is not the same thickness.

It is slightly becoming thicker on the left and right top. (it may be possible to see the before pictures)


It is not perfect circle, it has become a heteromorphic shape with the bottom part becoming a straight line.

The handle is light like a recent car, but the thickness of handle is changed and it is very easy to handle when turning.

This was the first time to use the changing grip handle, but there was a sense of security.

The meter panel has a meter (180km) on the right side and an eco meter on the left side and an information panel in the center. The panel is easy to see even the outside is bright.


“Sienta” has 1.5L hybrid power so it is rare that eco meter is shown “POWER”( When car’s engine starts and when the slope)

The window control panel on the driver’s seat side is mirror and window can be moved up and down as the picture.


There are many switches such as Eco mode, EV mode at the back of the handle.The button around here is not usually used, so it is better to settle here.


The back of right side handle is here. There are also headlight switch and also power slide door switch,It has on/ off operation system to avoid open automatically.


Next, around the shift knob. Hybrid car used to have small blue shift knobs so far, but recently the normal type of shift knob is increasing.

This is better to avoid uncomfortableness of people which turning into hybrid car.


“Sienta” riding on this time was a model with auto air conditioning. Temperature and fan are dial type operation panel. Dial type is easy to control for everyone.

For easy to image, I also shot the 360 ° view (wide range image)of driver’s seat of “Sienta”.

You can click (tap) to see any places.

シエンタ 運転席 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA


Passenger seats with standout vivid color, there are many pockets and very convenient

On the side of the passenger seat, there are many pockets that are not in the driver’s seat.

There is a dent next to the drink pocket to put smartphone and small accessories. Moreover below the space, there is documents case.


There is also pockets under the console. It is too small for drink, but you can put small accessories.


Other than pocket, this is also great point that dashboard is orange two tone. with block pattern.

Often to be seen fashionable stitches color, but this way to put color with pattern is very rare.



Reclining and convenient back seats

Seven people can rider on “Sineta” and there are second and their row.

As you can see from the picture, second and third row seats has also reclining function.

When a little sleepy, when the child fell asleep on the lap, reclining seats is very useful.

The way to use is easy and while sitting just need to pull the lever under the seats.


The wide rage view of second row seats is here.

シエンタ 2列目シート – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA



The third row seats is relatively simple. (please do not expect too much with this class). However there is a drink pocket and helpful for riding people.

The foot of the third row is here, as you can see from the picture the second row seats can be moved to the frontat the left side and the right side seats can be moved to the back.


There is almost no space if the second row set to the back.

If the second row set to the front, there will be a space at the third row and there will be no space for the send row.

If you regular use the third row, VELLFIRE, NOAH,BOBY classes would be better.


Here is the wide rage picture of the third row seats of “Sienta”.

シエンタ 3列目 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA


The trunk of “Sienta” is usually narrow, but it can be fully flattened

The trunk of compact wagon “Sienta” hard to say the trunk is with the third row seats.

Maybe a small bed can be stored for a nap, but not the stroller.


However the seats can be fully flattened from the second row to the third row, and it can be almost fully flat.


Actually, here is the picture with a golf bag, a stroller and a nap bed.

Because these two rows change to full storage space, the space will change to great luggage space.

Golf club cannot be stored by side, but if the second row to be flattened, there will space to afford.


The real power of low floor minivan : The height of the floor is 32cm and even child easy to ride on and off.

“Sienta” is famous for low floor. Let’s measure how height the floor is.

It is slightly diagonal, but the height is 32 cm. It is very low.

Around 30 cm, 3 years old child easy to go up like stairs. Also with this “Sienta”, I could going up and down very comfortably.


Also I measured the sliding door buttons.


This is 94 cm. This is also enough distance for 3 years child.

When we asked the child to “Please open this side sliding door”, he use this button to open and close.( Of course, their parents are beside)



Try placing Child seat and verify the space.

Here is a picture of a child seat is set at the back seat. Comparing the condition for the front seat at back side and front side.


There is much space when the front seat at front side. When the front seat at back side, there will be no space and become narrow but still some spaces are remain.

When measure the smallest space, it will be 9.5cm as following.


Here is the condition when set the seat at front and slide at the back side. There is enough spaces.


Moreover, move the seat at front condition is here. Also there is some space.


Here is the picture that child seat set at the back side.

Because I tried to set the child seat first time , I realize that reclining back seat is very convenient to adjust the angle of the child seat.

If it is at right angle, Baby will be hard time. This is a big advantage to able to adjust to the right position by reclining.


Impression of driving “Sienta” all day.

From here I would like to explain the impression of driving “Sienta”.


Merit, good point of “Sienta”

Hybrid, powerful and smooth acceleration.

First point is easy to drive. The grade I tried this time was “ Hybrid X”, it is 1.5 L motor type.

Originally, this class ,Sienta, Porte, Spade etc , were mainly 1.5L .Moreover also the motor come with the 1.5L, feel good about power more than eco.

As a result, you can enjoy the special unique feeling of hybrid that starts smoothly and accelerates.


Large capacity and useful luggage space.

I explain the detail of the trunk above, if you actually use, it will show incredible capacity with this 1.5L class.

It is not only big capacity, but also can become close to a full flat condition, you can put anything possible.

After child grows up, other than stroller, you can put Coleman’s wagon cart, so there will be no complain for the wide luggage space.


Even non-powerful women can be fully flattened

Again, it will be about luggage space, but the way to the trunk full flat is very easy.

As a step, you reclining the second row seat, it will rise.


In the third row, after reclining, pull the belt under the seat, the seat stopper will release and can be stored in the second row.


Since “Sienta” is not a form that jump up the seat as Velfire, advantage is no need to lift up and even with small power it is easy to adjust.


Demerit, bad point of “Sienta”

Happy with one more high sound insulation

“Sienta” does not have much bad point, but when drive the slope, the sound of engine was a little concerned, because it is hybrid, you cannot feel sound especially when car start slowly, but that is why when drive the slope a little sound will be concerned.


Smart entry is option

Many of car are installed with “Smart entry” which key is opened by only touching, but in this grade I got on was not come with smart entry and it was a type that open key with key radio wave.

Smart entry is very convenient especially for family generation, so if you have extra margin I recommend to install “Smart entry”.

When you are holding child, it is very annoy to take out the ley from your bag. If the door is opened only by touching is super convenient.


Gold club cannot be laid down

I also mentioned at luggage section that you cannot lay down the gold club with “Sienta”, you need to reclining one of the seat.

If you are going to golf more than 4 people, you need one more car to carry your stuff, so please be careful.


The measured fuel consumption of “Sienta” is 23.8 km / L

This time I drive “Sienta” all day. Mileage was small and only 35.8 km. Maybe this is not enough to measure.

When gasoline was refueled by the full tank method, it became 1.5 L, and the fuel economy was a tremendous value of 23.8 km / L(Catalog fuel consumption is 27.2 km / L: JC 08 mode).


Although I drive a place where there was not much signal, without consciousness, it become over 20 km / L and it is impacted number.

Fuel consumption is very important for household income, the merit of fuel economy and useful luggage room of “Sienta” is most suitable for a family car and it is understandable why “Sienta” is popular.

Since fuel consumption is a part directly linked to household income, the merit of this fuel economy of Sienta is that it is easy to use as a family car and it is well understood that it is popular if it is considered together with the usability of the luggage room.


impression overview of “Sienta” for all day.

Simply I felt this car matches the family and good.

Good fuel economy, good big trunk, seat is reclining, can be relaxed, seven people can ride on

It is a compact and easy to handle and also you can take friend’s family for rider.

If you want to choose as family car, at first please try test driving then you will definitely include “Sienta” for your option.


Supplement: Simple spec of riding “Sienta” • New car price • Number size Hybrid “Sienta” riding all day.

The grade was X Hybrid.

Model  DAA-NHP170G
New car sales price 2,230,000 yen (rounded less than10,000 yen)
Vehicle weight 1380kg
Engine type
Maximum output
Maximum torque
1NZ-FXE(in-line 4 cylinder)
Tire size front:185/60 R15
rear:185/60 R15
JC 08 mode fuel consumption 27.2km/L
Fuel-free lead regular gasoline