As a tall wagon, “ROOMY”, “TANK (tank)” is popular. Speaking of OEM, Subaru Justy, Daihatsu “Tall” has the same exterior appearance, frames, engines, etc. will be the same category.

This time, I got on “TANK (Tank)”. It is a car like two sizes larger than a tall station wagon like N-BOX or Tanto, it is good comfort and has big luggage space.

TANK is a perfect car for the family. I explained detail of the appearance, the interior and about attaching a child seat.


Exterior of TANK


Simple headlight, headlight shape changes in advanced grade

The grade of the tank I got on is “X”. In this grade, the headlight is a simple shape.


The tank headlight is different depending on the grade, and for the grade of “Custom G” or upper, they have an outrageous LED head light. (Toyota’s official website).

Headlights will be one way to distinguish each grades.

Here is how you turn on the headlight. One is the picture of turning on low lights, and the other is turning on position light.


Wide opening luggage door.

Besides the ease of use as a tall wagon, the characteristics of the tank are the size of the luggage room.

Because the tank is tall, there is an advantage that it is easy to put even a big things.


Easy to get on and off, by front seat, rear seat sliding door

The rear seat of the tank is a sliding door type. In the type we got this time, it was an electric type on one side (left side only).

Sliding doors have wide openings, so good point is easy to get in even if you are holding children and advantages such as not hitting the next car when the child suddenly opens the door.

For a higher grade, it is possible to change both side of doors to power slide doors.

On the other hand, the front door is big and it is easy to get on and off, but it will be a large door so you may need to worry a little at the parking lot.


It is interior rather than exterior, around the rear seat sliding door there is a handrail to help get on and off.

My grandmother cannot walk well, so these small considerations are very helpful.


Electric slide doors can be operated with switches as well. The key of X can do three things, unlocking, locking, and electric door opening.


The door knob is not a static electric type but a button type

The unlocking of the door of the tank this time was a button type. Personally, I prefer smart entries for door locking and unlocking.

The photo below is a picture of C-HR, a smart entry that can unlock just by touching the door knob is a very convenient mechanism.

Even in the upper grade, for the tank smart entry could not be found for the option on the official page.


TANK: Interior of TANK


The simply steering wheel and  unusual turn  signal switch

The steering wheel of tank, around the instrument panel is very simple. It is almost the minimum necessary information.

For lower grade and higher grade the instrument panel are quite different.

The lower grade is a one eye meter, in the upper grade it turns into a two eye Optitron meter with rotation number indication.

On this instrument panel, values ​​such as odometer can not be confirmed. You can check it on the dashboard.


The point I want you to be most careful about driving a tank is a turn signal. It takes time to get used to with special blinkers.

The turn signal is usually a flow, “turn down ⇒ turn curve” ⇒ go back automatically “flow, but in the case of a tank it is” turn down ⇒ returning automatically ⇒ turning curve ⇒ turn signal turns off automatically “flow.
It is uncomfortable that the turn signal switch will not stay down, I think that it will be confusing when riding for the first time.


Additional information around the instrument panel, odometer, temperature information, shift situation can be checked on the center dashboard.

The tank is not a hybrid car, I did not need the information other than speed meter so much, so I did not see much on the dashboard during driving.

While it is a compact car, car navigation systems are designed to fill in large screens. The tank that I got this time was a normal size, so the gaps are adjusted by the panel.


There is a shift lever and an air conditioner switch under the car navigation system. The upper grade is auto air conditioner, but the lower grade is manual.


The driver’s seat switches are here. Even with a lower grade, it is a good point that the button of the engine starter is attached.

In addition, power sliding door on off, headlight leveling adjustment etc are there.


Because of it is a compact car, it is excellent passenger seat for storage

Recent compact cars are excellent for storage. The tank is one of them.

First, the drink pocket is not a type that can be used all the time, it is a type that you can put drinks by sliding. The drink pocket is easy to accumulate dust, so the merit of storing it is great.


It is hard to tell in this picture, but in front of the passenger seat there is a wider pocket. It is the best if you can put a tissue box … but there is not that size.

There is also a pocket that is likely to replace the trash can under the air conditioner operation panel. The capacity is quite large.

It may be good to put car supplies for connecting with cars, such as smart phone charger and AUX audio cable.


The side pocket on the passenger side is here. The power window’s operation panel section is brown and chic two-tone color.

The side also comes with a drink pocket.


Reclining is possible with a spacious rear seat

The rear seat is quite large in the tank. In the compact class, there are Vitz and AQUA, but the tank is a lot more bigger comparing with them.

The space at your feet is large as well.


The rear seat doors are sliding doors on both sides, and there are no pockets. However, even in the back seat, pockets are made beside the slide door so that you can put a drink.

There will be a situation riding in the rear seat with the child when riding in the family, so it will be great that the hospitality of the rear seat gets high.


There are few cars that the rear seat has reclining functions, but the tank is possible. The picture below shows reclining the rear seat to the very end.

Not totally flat, but it will be convenient to use, if the seat can recline this much.


If you remove the headrest of the front seat and make it flat, it is also possible to create a large space where you can stay in the car.

This shows when you put Japanese futon and a basket, to show how big it is. The rear seat can slide, so the size will change accordingly.


This picture is shown the rear seat moving toward the back end. The space where shopping basket can easily be put is convenient when you go to shopping, you can easily reload it.


You can also put the folded stroller. It might touch to the front seat, but it will be still a sufficient margin.

Here is how you set your stroller and try putting your baggage. There is a shopping basket at the foot which is hidden by kid’s Japanese futon.

It will be helpful for parenting generations that the rear seat has this big capacity.(※ Please store the stroller in the luggage at the time of departure).


The height of the floor seat is 35 cm.

I actually measured the floor height of the tank, it was 35 cm. Although it was no match for Scienta’s 32 cm which is familiarize a low floor minivan,it is considerably excellent even at 35 cm.

The lower the floor height, the easier it is for both children and the elderly to get on and off.


Luggage room that has wide range of usage by rear seat storage and seat moving

The storage of the tank’s luggage room is very big. As a point,

  • You can move the seat to the front and to the back.
  • You can expand the luggage space by reclining the rear seat.

Those two advantages.

First of all, this is the situation that the folded stroller is placed with the rear seat to the very back. Even here it is possible to open and close the luggage door.


Next, the state where the rear seat is shifted to the front, and stored.Even if you set the shopping basket lengthwise, it is still enough storage.


The mobility of this luggage space is attractive point of TANK. But, unfortunate point is width.


The depth is O.K but the width is not so big. The women’s golf case slightly fits. If you have a men’s golf case or a long golf club, golf club shaft might get damaged.

The seat is slidable, but full reclining is also possible. Because there is no flip-up mechanism, it will not become full flat, but operation is easy.


You can enlarge the luggage space of the rear seat simply by pulling off the rectangle knob that you can see on the back.

Because of spacious interior, there will be enough space even if you install a child seat.

This is child seat setting on the rear seat. Since the rear seat of the tank is wide, there is considerable space even if you put a child seat (the seat of the front seat has been slid to the back).


Here is the state where the rear seat was slid to the maximum to the front with the child seat attached.

There is considerable space in the rear seat, so there is still space between the child seat and the front row seat.


Next is the state that the child seat is attached to the front seat. In the state of sliding to the back, there is quite a big space.

On the other hand, with the seat in the front row sliding to the front, you need to be careful because there is almost no space.


This is the situation that attaching the child seat for infants to the back seat.


Because the tank has the reclining adjustment setting, so you can easily adjust the angle of the child seat for infants.


Impression of getting on a TANK: Impression

good point/merit

Compact but wide interior space

The good part of the tank is wide in both the front seat and the rear seat. Especially, since the rear seat can slide back and forth, there is considerable space at the foot.


When a tall person get on the back row seat, there is a possibility that a foot may hit, so it is a great advantage that the rear seat can slide to the back and front.


Large and good usability of luggage space

As for the luggage I explained in detail in the photograph. You can secure a big space by sliding to the back and front of the rear seat and pushing down the rear seat.

For parenting generations, there will be more stuff to take even for a little outing such as strollers, outdoor goods, bags, and so on.

In addition, the baggage is going to be more extra when traveling, the ability to change the capacity of the tank’s luggage space will be a great advantage.


Easy to drive wide field of view

I did not write much in detail in the tank interior chapter, the tank is also a car that attracts a wide field of vision from the driver ‘s seat.


For people who are not good at driving, the fact that the front glass is large and the field of view is wide is an advantage that you can drive with confidence.

Also, the sliding door behind, the glass of the trunk room is also taken large, so it is one of the merits that easy confirmation of the back.


Bad point Disadvantage

As it is 1L size, it is as loud engine sound as it is

It cannot help for a Tank class car, but the engine sound is quite lively.


The displacement of the tank is 1 L size. In terms of fuel consumption and tax, 1 L size has a big merit but unfortunately the size of the engine sound is negative from the viewpoint of ride comfort.

If you do not want to be noisy and have enough budget, you may want to choose a custom G. In this class, since it is a 1.3 L DOHC turbo, the displacement will also rise and acceleration will improve with the turbo.


The Light steering wheel

A little personal opinion,I feel the steering wheel lightly. I like steering wheel a bit heavier, so the preference is divided.


Special turn signal switch

The most disadvantage of the tank is this turn signal switch.

I talked about it at the driver’s seat chapter, the turn signal switch of the tank is different from ordinary one. I was curious so many times that usability was too different.

Perhaps if you have a only one car, you may not be worried much, but if you have two cars other than TANK, you might feel unconfortable because the operation of the blinkers is different.


With measured fuel consumption (full tank method) 24.22 km / L

For this time, the mileage was 24.22 km / L. It happened to be 1L size, but this fuel efficiency is superior with gasoline car. Recently the compact car is wonderful.

Gasoline is, of course, regular. Usability as a car case is also good, and fuel consumption is also good. Because it is 1L size, tax is also cheap, it’s perfect. A main car is fine, but if you are going to buy a new partner’s car, you should pick the Tank instead of a small car.


Overall of impressions, impressions of TANK

I have a bitter tongue but I did not expect much for TANK. Originally, I am not very interested in a 1L class compact car. However, when I actually ride a day, I can see it with different eyes, and I felt “I can use this car well for family”.

As a 1L size the price range is slightly higher, but covering it by good fuel economy and low taxes and it is a car that leaves an impression that it can be used a large interior space without stress.